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Iron Man (2008) – The Road to the Avengers

This article is part one of an ongoing feature on my blog, “The Road to the Avengers“, which hopes to convey my thoughts on the current films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, culminating on my thoughts of The Avengers when it is released on Friday, May 4th.

Iron Man (2008) came out of nowhere for many people. While comic book fans know Tony Stark quite well, Iron Man had never enjoyed the kind of success that, say, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or the X-Men had enjoyed up until 2008. However, the film released with an electric buzz, drawing even those with no love for comics into the theater for the thrill ride. Its success makes sense, looking back at it. Iron Man is a perfect vehicle for sleek, sexy technology (special effects) and the casting of Robert Downey Jr. ensured we’d be in for a ride with a charming and witty Tony Stark.